Revolutionary New Epilepsy Alarm &  Monitoring Tech Company Epiview Starts in Kent

Revolutionary New Epilepsy Alarm & Monitoring Tech Company Epiview Starts in Kent

Epilepsy alarm & monitoring system demonstrated to Damian Green by Jason Hubbard night time camera being demonstrated Epiview Elipespy Alarms
Elipesy Alarm monitoring being demonstrated to Damion Green MP

A newly established business in Smarden, Kent is set to revolutionise the night time monitoring for people with severe Epilepsy.

The company, EpiView, will replace the traditional practise of one to one night care staff with a state of the art night vision system monitored from their offices.

The images and sound travel over an encrypted connection to the monitoring service in Smarden. The video feed is constantly monitored by two independent staff members who are trained in epilepsy. If they detect a seizure taking place they immediately alert the client’s carer/guardian that support is needed so that they can provide the necessary help. Both the monitoring team and clients are supported by a trained Epilepsy nurse who is immediately available to provide help and advice whenever needed.

The system is the brainchild of Jason Hubbard, who has a personal experience of the impact of the illness, as his son has Epilepsy and was previously reliant on the periodic checks offered by night care staff. Jason implemented the monitoring system in his own home, which hugely improved the quality and immediacy of his sons care, removing the heavy reliance on the traditional one to one caring staff system.

“Night time monitoring has many challenges and the opportunity to be able to offer a service that that not only helps our own situation, but many others, is something that has driven us to deliver what we believe is a unique and affordable service.”

Jason Hubbard – EpiView Co-Founder

One of the major advantages the service provides is that all the information recorded on seizures is held in a data diary, along with the footage. This can then be shared with the client’s medical professional for review and can assist with more focused medication selection.

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The company provides a superior service at a fraction of the current cost of one to one monitoring and are currently presenting the solution to local authorities and health services. They have just completed the pilot stage and are now in the process of onboarding new clients. Over the longer term there is scope for the monitoring service to be offered to other persons at risk, in the UK and beyond.

Member of Parliament for Ashford Damian Green visited the company to see the service in action, and to formally launch the business.

“This is a brilliant idea which could help thousands of families. I wish the company well and hope that local people will be among the first to benefit”

Damian Green MP

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