Survey For New Epilepsy Seizure Alarm App – Press Release

Summary & Goals

The new app will work with our own secure infrastructure. Using either mobile or broadband data, the app will use a smartwatch to take measurements, including heart rate & other data available (biometric & environmental) from the user.

When an epileptic seizure is detected or alerted (focal seizures can be difficult to detect, without the addition of an electroencephalogram (EEG) headset, it is possible to incorporate this technology in a future release). An alert is sent to a list of contacts, mobile phones, supplied by the user, data will include real-time location & voice calls are planned to be available. (depends on the user’s contract)

What will the survey for the epilepsy seizure app achieve?

This survey will help us to identify the other ‘soft’ features that users most want in an app to help alert but also manage their Epilepsy. There is also a provision for carers to use the app as well.

Who should complete the Epilepsy Epilepsy Seizure Alarm App survey?

Anyone who either has epilepsy or is caring for a person with epilepsy, any where in the world. We would be happy to hear from charities & researchers who may also like to tell us what they would like to see in an app.

Will everything the survey asks be available with the first version?

No, some of the features are advanced & will require further trials. Some features will be updates as technology allows us to develop more advanced capabilities.

How much will the Epiview Epilepsy Seizure Alarm App cost?

We are actively looking at ways to finance the app that are essentially free at the point of use. Unlike other apps Epilepsy Alarm Apps available in the Google App store we would like to avoid using advertising. Advertising revenue will vary & prevent us from being able to continue the development of our services, including more advanced features like using Artificial Intelligence. This may mean we make a small monthly charge for some of the features in the app.

Types of Epilepsy explained

According to The Epilepsy Society, there are 600,000 people living with Epilepsy in the UK, there are 40 recognised types of seizures define.
The World Health Organisation estimates 50 Million people worldwide have epilepsy.

Here is a list of the most commonly refered to types of Epileptic Seizure.

Our app will work for anyone living with Epilepsy a solve able
access throughout the world

About Epiview

Headquartered in Kent Epiviews team are spread throughout the UK, whilst pandemic has limited some activities, using remote communications the company has continued to develop solutions for people managing Epilepsy.
How Epiview Epilepsy Seizure Monitoring Began

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