What does the future hold for remote seizure monitoring?

What does the future hold for remote seizure monitoring?

With the infrastructure that we have for monitoring night-time tonic-clonic epileptic seizures, we are able to extend the monitor options available.

We are limited more by our imagination than by the technology that we can integrate with our system & data servers.

Linking a smartwatch to our system is something we are currently actively working on.
By using the smartwatch we can monitor heart rate & blood pressure, we could even measure the accelerometer.
Combining the measurements with the optical monitoring will help to increase the accuracy of data stored.

What is holding us back?

Really only our imagination, the world wide web was complete science fiction in 1980!
Now we can watch live television pictures on a device in our pocket not connected to anything by a cable!
We are open to exploring all opportunities to improve monitoring epileptic seizures, we may even be able to help researchers identify possible cures for epilepsy as we can gather more & more date but that is a little way off at the moment.

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