What is Epiview Seizure & Alert Monitoring?

Epiview is an infrared CCTV based nocturnal epilepsy monitoring service

Primarily aimed at people living with nighttime or nocturnal epileptic seizures typically tonic-clonic seizures (formerly referred to as Grand Mal seizures).

How does monitoring work?

An infrared CCTV camera is placed adjacent to the user’s bed and between agreed hours the video is fed to our epileptic seizure monitoring centre. When the operator at the monitoring centre detects a tonic-clonic epileptic seizure they immediately call carers or friends/family to alert them that support is urgently needed – failure to do this can lead to choking and death. They might also protect the clients’s head from hard surfaces or corners of objects on which they might injure themselves.

If a linked smartwatch is being worn, heart rate can also be monitored, this gives an additional alert. After a seizure has been detected a drop in heart rate after a seizure may be related to a risk of SUDEP, an additional alert call is made.

There are also options for families & support groups to set up their own monitoring.

Why use Epiview?

This solution replaces the use of costly one-to-one waking night care staff (or makes it possible for someone to be monitored when previously it had not been considered financially viable)

Our costs are usually less than a quarter of the amount currently being paid for waking nights agency care staff.

With Epiview seizure monitoring, there is no gap in observations.
In a conventional situation, observations may be taken once every 30 mins for approximately 1 minute per observation, this is approximately 3% of every hour!
Epiview provides an enhanced level of safeguarding by monitoring 100% of the time!
We are also able to eliminate unnecessary false alarms associated with other low cost monitoring solutions.

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