A new revolution in Epilepsy Monitoring takes shape

A new revolution in Epilepsy Monitoring takes shape

The offices are completed as well!

After extensive testing, the proof of concept is completed.
The tests of the cameras selected & the recording system have all worked perfectly.

The network & infrastructure design for the hardware & network are also complete.

We are now ready for the office!

The front door has a security keypad lock so that staff can come & go as their shift ends.

As we are monitoring people with epilepsy in their homes we have very tight security. We only accept visitors by appointment.

Monitoring staff also have to put their personal belongings into lockers be for entering the monitoring room.

Epiview the front door, security lock means all staff entry and exit can be checked for security and privacy, epilepsy monitoring staff also have to put all personal belongings in lockers
Epiview office break out area monitoring staff lockers for storing electronic equipment away from the monitoring room

Lockers for epilepsy monitoring staff. All personal belongings & electronic equipment must be put in the lockers.
Anyone who is going to enter the monitoring room or the secure server room must use these lockers.

Want to find out how the service works?

The kitchen & break out area is for all staff but particularly for the epilepsy seizure monitoring teams. We rotate staff to ensure they can stay alert when monitoring for seizures.

Epiview kitchen area for monitoring and administration staff so night time staff can make hot food
Epliepsy monitoring room, the screens have been blanked for privacy reasons, capacity to monitor over 30 clients on a nightly basis

This is the monitoring room each agent monitors a group of clients with epilepsy. They agents don’t know who or where the clients are they use a screen to make calls directly without knowing contact details or location. Two agents monitor each video feed at the same time.