How our Nighttime Epileptic Seizure Monitoring Service works

Who is this service for?

This service is for children & adults who have tonic-clonic seizures. It is a more reliable service than agency waking nights staff & the cost is significantly lower.

Watch Video about our Nighttime Epilepsy Monitoring service

If you would prefer to read about our monitoring, here is a brief overview of the video content

Epiview is a remote epilepsy monitoring & alarm service aimed primarily at replacing or reducing the number of waking night staff

  • A small infrared CCTV camera is placed on the client’s bedside table and the client may also wear a smartwatch both are securely linked to our monitoring centre using the clients broadband via an encrypted connection.
  • The high-definition camera allows our staff to monitor for signs of an epileptic seizure
  • The CCTV data is constantly monitored by TWO staff members independently of each other.
  • Staff at our monitoring centre are DBS checked and are all trained in epilepsy – their epilepsy training is always kept current.
  • If the client shows seizure activity then a click initiates a call to a speed dial list of carers that can provide support
  • We have an epilepsy nurse and specialist on hand if needed
  • The monitoring is totally anonymous
    • “EPIVIEW calling a seizure has been detected please attend”
  • Each seizure automatically creates a diary entry containing a video clip and associated biometric data
  • The same data is used to immediately warn carers of pending SUDEP following a seizure
  • Our smartphone app allows clients to add comments to their diary entries and share with their medical specialists
  • The app also features a medication log and provides a reminder for when to take medication

HQ Equipment & Infrastructure

  • At our offices we have ultra-high-speed communications, backup communications, servers, backup servers, backup power supplies and backup people!
  • This service is designed to stay running whatever happens. If, however, something does fail (e.g. there is a power cut at the clients house) then we will always call to advise that the monitoring service has been suspended and will call again to advise when it has been resumed.
  • At the clients home we have reliable CCTV equipment backed by a three-year manufacturers’ warranty & a builtin firewall to encrypt the video
    • Optionally, a UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) can be installed to protect the power supply to the infrared camera & firewall to ensure the connection stays running even if the power fails.
    • In addition, if the broadband connection in your location is unreliable we can also optionally supply equipment with a mobile plugin
    • These options are available at an additional charge.

Seizure Monitoring Service -Specifications

2 x Monitoring Staff at all times
365 days of operation
24-hour coverage
1 x Epilepsy Nurse on standby
Booked in advance
Respite care packages also available
Optional: Smartwatch monitoring, EEG integration


  • Broadband connection
    • Access to WiFi username & password
  • Stable power supply
    • A unit with uninterrupted power supply & 4G connection can be supplied if needed
  • Complete our online assessment
  • Payment by Direct Debit
  • Registration on Epiview Smartwatch App

Comparing Epiview Monitored Alarm vs Conventional Bed Alarms

EpiviewConvetional Pressure Pad Alarm
Will the sensor give any false alarms?None*Depends on the person, if they are asleep or awake, weight & how they sleep, (particularly children) sensitivity can be altered. The type of mattress could cause issues by not alarming Status epilepticus could occur undetected.
Works with any type of mattress?YesDepends on the size of the pressure pad & type of mattress check manufacturer instructions (sprung mattress may damage the sensor pad prematurely)
Where do I put the sensor?Bedside table or shelf with a view of the bedUnder the mattress, you may need to fit a board if the base of your bed has slats
Can I travel with the sensor?Yes, You need to advise us in advance, will normally send you a portable deviceYes, needs re-calibration & setting
How long does the sensor last?3 year manufacturers warranty for key components. Faults automatically detected.Probably around 2 years before the pad needs changing. The device MUST NOT be used if the pad or controller is faulty
Is the sensor setup?Yes, each unit is configured already & just needs pluging inNo, manual configuration is needed for each installation. Read the manufacturers instructions before installation
Is maintenance required?No, any fluctuations in performance can be remotely monitored. Replacement parts are supplied.Yes, the sensor pad must be inspected weekly. Probably needs monthly calibration (check manufacturers instructions)
How long does the alarm work for?Once seizure is detected, assistance is always summoned.Normally until movement stops (whether a seizure of false alarm)
Can the system be reset?The system is always in a ready state, there is no need to resetYes but could be by using a mute or power button that may inadvertently disable the monitor.
Can pets trigger an alarm?No, we can see your pets!Yes, read manufacturers instructions
Table comparing Epiview Nighttime seizure monitoring with conventional audible alarm with a pressure pad. (Please ensure you see & read the manufacturers manual before purchasing a pressure pad alarm)
*To date, we have had zero false positive alarms. Our monitoring staff monitor independently of each other, 2:1 monitoring ratio if a seizure is detected another member of the team takes over monitoring.