What are Personal Epilepsy Alarms?

A Personal Epilepsy alarm is a device that can detect an epileptic seizure in an individual. There are several types of seizures related to epilepsy.

In the case of motor epileptic seizures, movement or activity can generally be detected for non-motor types of epileptic seizure more advance biometric monitoring is needed.

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Personal Epilepsy alarms from Epiview

Nighttime personal Tonic-Clonic Seizure Alarm

This alarm option from Epiview uses our night vision cameras to detect the physical movements during an epileptic seizure. With our system, we have a record of Zero False Positive alarms, for tonic-clonic seizures, unlike a pressure mat.

Incorporated is a diary system to help your record medication & lifestyle notes. You can share this data as well as video of each recorded seizure with your epilepsy nurse or doctor.

  • Available immediately in the UK & Europe
  • Soon available Canada, USA, Australia & New Zealand
  • Requires internet connection
    • Mobile options available
    • Backup power supply options also available
  • Completely anonymous personal data
  • Epilepsy Nurse available
hikvision infrared camera used by Epiview to monitor for night time tonic-clonic seizures
One of our night vision trail cameras they work in total darkness, here is a video demo

Complete specification & pricing for nighttime seizure monitoring & application form

In development – Daytime Mobile Personal Seizure Alarm

We are currently testing a smartwatch app that can be used to alert carers when an epileptic seizure is detected.

We are using the smartwatch sensors to monitor for changes in several biometrics.

There will be a small monthly charge for the basic package.

    How does it work?
  • You download an app
  • Uses any android smartwatch
  • Works with any android smartphone.
  • Realtime location data from smartphone
  • Biometric data to smartphone, uploads to system when wifi connected
  • At this stage the system is rules-based & there will be some false positives for each user to start with until we have enough data to develop a complete artificial intelligence solution.
  • Medication reminder
  • Diary System for medication & lifestyle changes

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Who is Epiview?

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