What are Epiview Epilepsy Seizure Alarms & Monitoring Services?

We are dedicated to providing epilepsy seizure monitoring & alarm services that meet the needs of people & families who live with epilepsy, rather than providing low-cost, low tech solutions for families & carers who have to take on the ultimate responsibility with equipment that is frequently not fit for purpose.

We also have systems available for institutions & charities (care homes, sheltered housing)

Camera used with our nighttime epilepsy seizure alarm monitoring service

How did Epiview Epilepsy Monitoring start?

Epiview Core Epilepsy Seizure Monitoring Services

  • We are available 365 nights a year.
  • You have a personally specified seizure monitoring setup based on your needs, requirements and times.
  • Two staff monitoring at all times during monitoring for tonic-clonic seizures
  • We also have a trained Epilepsy nurse on hand to support if needed after a tonic-clonic seizure
  • NONE of your personal details is available to any of our monitoring staff.
  • Available currently anywhere in the UK & Europe for anyone with an internet connection.
  • We offer flexible contracts to meet your needs, we can even supply respite cover of a couple of nights per week
  • Our systems are built using robust technology to keep costs for clients to a minimum.
  • Our network is fully encrypted & secure your data is safe with us.
  • We have back up systems for all critical infrastructure

How does Epiview divide Epilepsy Monitoring Services?

Our services are split between personal & corporate services. We use our core infrastructure to deliver relevant services for monitoring people with epilepsy.

Personal Epilepsy Seizure Alarms & Monitoring for Epilepsy Seizures

Our personal alarms can be bought directly or be commissioned by local authorities.

Nighttime epilepsy seizure monitoring

Our nighttime epilepsy seizure monitoring service works using CCTV cameras that are monitored by our monitoring team at our UK headquarters.
In addition, users can combine our smartwatch & phone app.
Find out more about nighttime seizure monitoring

Mobile seizure monitoring

Mobile epilepsy seizure monitoring uses our core infrastructure combined with a smartphone app & smartwatch. We have built our system using Andriod technology to make it as accessible as possible at the lowest cost.

Personal Alerts

This service option sends an alert to nominated carers with your location. Combines with our seizure diary system, including medicine details & reminders.

Find out more about mobile personal seizure alarms

Broadcast Alerts

This service requires you to sign up & subscribe to use our app but will work with any Android smartwatch (with the necessary sensors) & smartphone.
When a seizure is detected & confirmed and alert is sent to the network in your immediate area.

This service is currently under development, we are about to start wider field trials if you would like to take part contact us about trials

Corporate Alarms & Monitoring For Epilepsy Seizures

We realise that larger organisations have different requirements to families in a domestic environment.

For individual care homes our personalised night time service is probably best for single occupants. The costs are lower than a waking nights carer.

For care home groups & multisite dwellings, we can adapt our system so that your own staff can monitor several locations simultaneously.

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For more complex installations we can combine our nighttime seizure monitoring service with our mobile packages. This includes Geofencing & in house alerts. These systems could also be used for in home care organisations.

Findout more about our corporate alarms & monitoring services here.

How our night time tonic clonic seizure monitoring works