Here is a walkthrough of our night-time epilepsy monitoring service. This service is for people who have tonic-clonic seizures or their carers. It is a more reliable service than relying on agency waking nights staff & the cost is significantly lower.

How the service works

  • At our clients’ home we install a high-resolution CCTV camera with infra-red night-vision and audio. This passes data over a secure, encrypted connection (just like your bank uses) to our monitoring service.
  • Staff at our monitoring centre are DBS checked and are all trained in epilepsy – their epilepsy training is always kept current.
  • Our monitoring staff are directly supported by a specialist epilepsy nurse who is immediately available to provide telephone support directly to clients, if needed.
  • The CCTV data is constantly monitored by TWO staff members independently of each other.
  • As soon as seizure activity is confirmed, calls are placed to the clients’ home, (typically to the landline, then to mobile numbers until the call is answered). The first call is placed within seconds of the seizure starting. If no calls are answered we dial 999.
  • The following day, the client (or their carer) calls the monitoring centre and confirms the seizure. The CCTV footage is encrypted and shared with the client. The footage can be shown to medical professionals providing a first-hand experience of the seizure and allowing a more accurate diagnosis.
  • Each confirmed seizure automatically creates a diary entry. Information can be added to the diary by the client regarding the type of seizure, duration, severity, etc. and from this it can clearly be seen if any seizure parameters are changing (indicating that the condition might require medical advice and perhaps leading to an adjustment in medication).

Equipment & Infrastructure

  • At our offices we have ultra-high-speed communications, backup communications, servers, backup servers, backup power supplies and backup people!
  • This service is designed to stay running whatever happens. If, however, something does fail (e.g. there is a power cut at the clients house) then we will always call to advise that the monitoring service has been suspended and will call again to advise when it has been resumed.
  • At the clients home we have reliable CCTV equipment backed by a three-year manufacturers’ warranty & a builtin firewall to encrypt the video
    • Optionally, a UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) can be installed to protect the power supply to the infrared camera & firewall to ensure the connection stays running even if the power fails.
    • In addition, if the broadband connection in your location is unreliable we can also optionally supply equipment with a mobile plugin
    • These options are available at an additional charge.