Guide to finding funding to support children who have Tonic-clonic epileptic seizures

By using the Children Act 1989, you may be able to get funding for direct payments from your local authority. Epiview is an alternative to waking nights carers for children & young people who have Tonic-clonic epileptic seizures.
At significantly lower cost to an agency waking night, carer Epiview allows you to to get greater support as well as providing additional diagnostic information for doctors & clinicians, treating your childs epilepsy.

Disabled Children have a right to an assessment under the Children Act 1989.

Every local authority is different, from eligibility criteria to time it will take from initial contact to assessment of needs to actual funding. To summarise the process and to see if you are eligible for funding, the following needs to be done: 1) Click the correct link for your local authority
2) Make contact using telephone / email / letter- This can be done by either yourselves or any professional involved with the child (so with your consent EpiView can make a referral for you!)
3) Initial assessment is completed over the telephone and has various outcomes (depending on LA) which could be summarised as – – Eligibility criteria is met and formal referral to social care team is made- Eligibility criteria is not met – signposted to other organisations / teams that can help- Eligibility criteria is not met – family provided with relevant advice and information
4) If eligibility criteria is met then formal assessment should be completed within 14 – 28 days. Funding should be set up 14 – 28 days following formal assessment and the agreement of needs. If funding is agreed it needs to be on a Direct Payment setup.
5) If eligibility criteria is not met then there is the option to appeal. There is also a legal obligation to provide respite as a minimum so remember to ask about funding to use EpiView for respite care.

To find your local children’s service click here

Can I get funding for Epiview Monitoring?

Yes, you can apply to your local authority for direct payments to help with your child’s care.

How does Epiviews epilepsy monitoring service work?

We supply a camera system that connects to our monitoring centre, where 2 agents monitor each video feed independently.