You can hire a camera kit to use to provide supporting evidence for direct payments from your local authority from EpiView.

Please complete this form

The only way to apply for a camera kit is to initially complete this form.
There is a small hire fee for the use of the kits & also a fair usage policy. We will send you both when you complete the form.

The deposit to hire the camera kit is £30 plus £6 postage & packaging.
The deposit is fully refunded when we receive the returned kit!

The whole process is described below.

What happens when I apply for a camera kit

Frequently Asked Questions about hiring a camera kit

What happens when I apply for a camera kit?

5 minutes.

How to apply to hire a camera kit from Epiview:

  1. Complete the enquiry form

    Complete the enquiry form on this page. We operate on a first-come, first-served basis. Only applicants with a completed form will be considered.

  2. We will contact you to carry out a quick survey

    We need to check you would be able to use our full system at your locations, that’s the reason we ask for your postcode so we can check we think you have a good broadband connection.
    We will also confirm the terms & conditions for hiring the camera kit from us (they are detailed below as well)

  3. When you are next in the queue

    We will contact you to make sure you still want to hire the camera kit.
    At this stage, we will also need the payment for the rental kit.

  4. Once payment is received

    We carry out a full inspection & test of the camera kit, prior to dispatching the kit to you.

  5. Kit is dispatched

    The system is completely plugin & play you only need to be able to plug it in for it to work.

  6. When you have finished with the kit

    Send all of it back to us in the packaging it arrived in.

  7. If you are successful in your application

    Contact us to arrange your contract, the camera kit rental fee will be discounted from your package price over 3 months

Frequently Asked Questions About Hiring A Camera Kit

How much will I be charged to hire a camera kit from Epiview?

It’s a fixed fee (which is refundable with a 3-month contract) plus the cost to ship back to us

How long can I hire the kit for?

We normally expect the kits to be returned within a couple of months

Can I keep the kit to use with my EpiView monitoring contract?

No – The camera has similar capabilities but the full system is more complicated & has additional functionality to enhance monitoring.

When will I get charged if I don’t return the kit?

Immediately but we have a limited number of kits to distribute, we think everyone will do their best to be reasonable

What happens when I apply for a camera kit