Read about our Nighttime Epilepsy Seizure Monitoring Service:

  • We are available 365 nights a year.
  • You have a personally specified seizure monitoring setup based on your needs, requirements and times.
  • Two staff monitoring at all times
  • We also have a trained Epilepsy nurse on hand to support if needed
  • On detecting a seizure we raise the alarm by calling nominated people that can provide immediate support
  • NONE of your personal details are available to any of our monitoring staff.
  • Exceptional video quality.
  • Available currently anywhere in the UK for anyone with an internet connection.
  • We also offer a seizure monitoring diary system – Medical professionals can monitor frequency and severity if authorised by you.
  • You can even take us on holiday with you!
  • We offer flexible contracts to meet your needs, we can even supply respite cover of a couple of nights per week
  • Our monitoring service is charged at £7 per hour for monitoring

How our night time monitoring service works

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To start your message please use the special code: 4nights!2020

This will allow you to get 4 nights monitoring cover per week for the price of 3 nights. This offer is only valid for new subscriptions for private users (self-funding).

This offer is exclusively for our referral partners in the UK & Europe, please note that we plan to expand our services overseas in the very near future.

If you are from outside the UK or Europe, you can still register your enquiry but you will be put on a waiting list.