What is Epiview?

Epiview is a CCTV based epilepsy monitoring service

Primarily aimed at nighttime or nocturnal epilepsy seizure sufferers who have tonic clonic seizures (Grand Mal seizures) but also available as a daytime service if required.

A CCTV camera is placed adjacent to the users bed and between agreed hours the video is fed to our epileptic seizure monitoring centre. When the operator at the monitoring centre detects a tonic clonic epileptic seizure (Grand Mal seizure) they immediately call carers or friends/family to alert them that support is urgently needed and they can then position the seizure sufferer into the recovery position – failure to do this can lead to choking and death. They might also protect the sufferers head from hard surfaces or corners of objects which they might injure themselves on.

If the tonic clonic epileptic seizure continues beyond the time allowed for that person then rescue medication must be administered.

This solution replaces the costly one-to-one waking night care staff (or makes it possible for someone to be monitored when previously it had not been considered financially viable) whilst at the same time providing an enhanced level of safeguarding at a significantly reduced cost (approximately just a third of the amount currently being paid for waking nights agency care staff).

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